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The stable has 20boxes.
To get through hot and humid summer in Japan, it has mist system with fans.
Surrounded washing area to keep inside warm during cold winter to avoid muscle compaction after hard training.
We care and think about horses first.

Daily routine of inspections of horses.
Their move, nutrition state, mentally, condition and fitness.


The stable is based in Ritto Training center, west of Japan. It is run by Japan Racing Association. There are about 100 trainers are based here and over 2000 horses are trained everyday for racing at weekend.

Facilities are 1 stable contains 20 boxes, many varieties of training track and an uphill gallop, swimming pool and walking area for relaxing and refreshing.

Training courses:
1. 1600m Dirt track
2. 1800m Woodchip track
3. 2000m Polytrack
4. 2000m Turf course
5. 2200m Dirt track with starting gate
6. 800m Uphill Gallop


We are a team of 17 stable staff with a racing manager, farrier team, a veterinarian and nutritionist to make horses to become racehorses to win races.
Stable staff are assistant trainer, head lad, riders and groom and feedman.